The greatest appeal of The Live Challenge Game Show is that it can be enjoyed on two levels - to those choosing to participate and that are selected as contestants, and also for those that just prefer to watch the event as fun and exciting entertainment.

The Live Challenge Game Show features all the elements of a family-friendly, dynamic stage production including universal mass- appeal, audience participation, fun, laughter, suspense, and interactive comedy in our friendly, spirited competition.  

The Live Challenge Game Show is a multi-round game show stage performance based on elements of the most popular game shows of all time, featuring individual, family and team gameplay.  Contestants compete for the winning prize, with the winner receiving a chance to win a special grand prize.  Even audience members and eliminated contestants have chances to win prizes. 

Live audiences can't wait to experience the fun, excitement, and atmosphere of a real live game show complete with our game show set, buzz-in player positions, electronic scoring, game wheel, and all of the live-action of a real, live game show, all hosted by our professional game show host creating the comedy and a fun, hilarious, and interactive game show experience for all ages from kids to seniors.

Robinn Lange